Social Justice

At LCI a commitment to Social Justice is one of our core values and a way in which we share Christ's light daily. Here are some of the ministries we are engaged in (full list under construction).

Color of Law Book Study

Update:  We have now completed our 4-week "Color of Law" study.  Thank you to all of the community members who participated!  For those who would like to do further research and reading, here is the resource list that the study organizers drew upon in creating the program.  To be added to the follow-up email list or join the "Color of Law" Google group, please contact Jill Van Zanten at


Color of Law Study Group

Have you ever wondered why the neighborhood you grew up in looked the way it did? Do you think the American Dream is available to everyone, regardless of zip code? The Social Justice Group of LCI invites the community to join in a 4-week conversation in which we ponder these questions, and more, drawing on historical insights from "The Color of Law" by Richard Rothstein.


Beginning January 14, we will meet online on Thursday evenings from 7-8:30 to discuss why many of us live in such different realities and how our faith compels us to reexamine our individual and collective choices. Each session will include a short documentary clip, chapter overview, discussion, and Scripture meditation.


To receive a Zoom invitation and weekly reading guide for Rothstein's book, please email Jill Van Zanten at

Interfaith Rotating Winter Shelter

LCI is partnering with Davis Universal Methodist Church for the 2020/2021 version of the Interfaith Rotating Winter Shelter (IRWS).  As you know this year we are NOT rotating.  Rather, IRWS is working with the City of Davis to house 48 unsheltered high Covid risk individuals in 24 apartments in town for 6 months.  The city has secured funding for the apartment funding and the promise of wrap around services.  It is hoped that some of these individuals may develop the skills to remain permanently housed after their 6 months in the program. 

Cash donations are always welcome to help purchase supplies for both our guests and those individuals who remain unhoused this season. Please consider giving at

Home Building Mission to Mexico

LCI has partnered with Amor Ministries since 1993 to build homes in Tijuana Mexico for families in need.


Amor Ministries' primary goal is to provide adequate shelter so that families can stay together and build a foundation for their futures. Amor strives to show God's love through tangible acts of service and it is the goal of the LCI Mission Team to do the same.


Over the course of a one week volunteer commitment, the team builds a simple home for a low income family. Families apply for homes and then need is prioritized by a board of local community pastors. Join us in this ministry of sweat, hard work and love by contributing to the Mexico Mission trip or joining our building team.

For specifics about our LCI trip, we have:

OR contact Ellen Kolarik via email  or phone 530-756-6278.

ELCA  Advocacy Alerts

All are invited to sign up for ELCA  Advocacy Alerts.

On the right side of the page, toward the top is the Advocacy Alerts box with a blue "Sign Up Now" box. This takes you to a form. You can sign up for the ELCA National Advocacy Network (at the top of the list) and/or the Lutheran Office of Public Policy - California (toward the bottom of the list).

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