What to Expect

Worship & Learning: Lutheran Church of the Incarnation (LCI) through most of the year holds Sunday worship services at 8:30 and 10:30 AM, with Sunday School for children ages K-6, Youth Groups for grades 7-12, and Adult Education forums all meeting at 9:30 AM.  Our worship style is liturgical for most services*, featuring Bible readings, singing, prayers, a sermon, and serving of Communion.  Most of our singing features piano accompaniment, and sometimes guitar. Our pastor wears a traditional robe, but you can come dressed as you like.  Children are welcome in our services; for those with infants who need child care, our Nursery is available (see below).

* The second and fourth Sundays of every month at 10:30 we have our "Rooted" worship service, designed more for young families and youth, featuring contemporary music and less liturgical elements.

Fellowship: We have coffee fellowship time after both services in our appropriately named Fellowship Hall.  This offers a low-key way for visitors to meet some of our (very friendly) congregation.  Or you can simply leave after service; we do not ask visitors to stand up and be recognized as some people find this embarrassing. 

Coming to church: We have a parking lot on the church property, from which the main entrance to the church building is clearly visible.  Upon entering you are likely to meet one of our greeters, and then handed the Sunday worship bulletin containing the readings, songs, and prayers for the worship service.  Head into the sanctuary and sit anywhere you like; then join us in worship.  Most services are about an hour long. 

We have handicapped parking spots close to the sanctuary and full accessibility to the entire facility (no stairs). Here is a map of our campus.


Communion & Offerings: Communion at (almost) every LCI service is a standard feature of our worship; anyone can receive Communion, or opt not to – it’s your choice.  The same goes for the weekly offering – feel free to pass the plate on; you are under no obligation to give.

Theology: Regarding out doctrines, we are a member church of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA), and a full statement of ELCA beliefs can be found here.

We are a Reconciling in Christ (RIC) church.

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