Fall Study Group: Seeing White

All are welcome to join our Sunday morning study/discussion group based on the Scene on Radio podcast, "Seeing White".

The current study began in August and will resume on October 13, 2019.  Participants are asked to listen to the podcast prior to the Sunday class and come prepared with questions and thoughts to share. 

For those just now tuning in, the Seeing White series starts with Episode 31 on Scene on Radio and has 14 parts.  We are now on Part 9.

The group meets in the LCI library on Sunday mornings between services, 9:30-10:15. New people are welcome to join at any time.  The class is team-taught and each session culminates in a Scripture-based reflection that explores how we as Christians are called to live out our faith in a racialized world. 

For more details, or to suggest a future study topic, please email Ellen Kolarik or  Jill Van Zanten.

Fall Study Group: Schedule

October 13
Part 9: “Racial Cleansing in America: A White Mob Forces the Entire Black Community of a Town to Leave” (29 minutes)
October 20
Part 10: “Citizen Thind: 2 Case Studies in Which an Asian Immigrant Seeks to Convince the US that They are White” (37 minutes)
October 27
Part 11: “Danger – The image of the Dangerous Black Male and Its Flip Side” (46 minutes)
November 3
Part 12: “My White Friends: A black Photographer Takes a Series of Photographic Portraits of Her White Friends” (41 minutes)
November 10
Part 13: “White Affirmative Action: A Review of a Series of Government Programs in which Whites Got Most of the ‘Goodies’” ( 44 minutes)
November 17
Part 14: “Transformation: Exploration of Solutions and Responses to America' Deep History of White Supremacy” (42 minutes)

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